Leadership Longview Project

Join our Mission

As a longstanding tradition, the Leadership Longview class annually selects a local nonprofit for a transformative project, and for 2024, ArtsView Children’s Theatre has been chosen to receive our support. Established in 1981, ArtsView has played a vital role in the Longview community, focusing on fostering the arts and educating the next generation.

Our Leadership Longview class was captivated by ArtsView’s mission and the impact it has on the lives of children aged 2-19. With a weekly influx of 80 young individuals and a considerable surge during summer camps, ArtsView is a cornerstone in the community, advocating for and nurturing artistic expression.

Upon visiting ArtsView, you may have encountered the limited space in the lobby. Despite commendable efforts to maximize the available area, the current theater, accommodating 117 people, lacks a suitable lobby for attendees. This constraint forces patrons to wait in line outside before reaching their seats. An enhanced lobby would provide shelter during adverse weather conditions, ensuring a more comfortable experience for attendees. Additionally, ArtsView aims to improve its green room and prop storage spaces, enhancing the efficiency of camps and classes.

The Leadership Longview team is committed to supporting the renovation of the entryway lobby, along with revitalizing both the ArtsView greenroom and prop storage. ArtsView has successfully secured a state grant specifically designated for the lobby renovation this year. In alignment with our commitment to community betterment, Leadership Longview has undertaken the responsibility of raising $100,000 to further enhance the ArtsView project.

We invite you to join us in contributing to this meaningful cause. Your generous donation will leave a lasting impact on thousands of children in the upcoming decade. With the support of our community, ArtsView’s efforts will undoubtedly continue to bring blessings to the citizens of Longview for years to come.

To make a contribution, kindly write a check payable to “ArtsView Children’s Theatre” with “Leadership Longview” noted on the memo line.

Together, we can ensure that the arts in Longview occupy a central role in the years ahead. Thank you for your consideration and support.